I have finished wrapping all my orders that

I have for shoe boxes for this year.

If you or anyone that you know would like any wrapped shoe boxes for this years charity I have got wrapped approximately 600 already wrapped boxes in stock. and I have got over 1,200 that I have not wrapped yet. I can always wrap them for you. First come.


You can contact me my sending me an email on the contact page or below, and I will be able to let you know how many I have for you.

 Just phone me on 01386 861022, or email me at

[email protected]


Barbara since 2011 has collected and wrapped shoeboxes all year round for people to fill with Christmas treats, for children all over the third world counties.
These boxes are distributed to churches schools, and any other interested groups, to be filled with small gifts, like woolly hats, gloves, toothbrush, paste, small toys, games, pens and writing  

books etc.

The boxes are then gathered together again in warehouses to be packed up in lorries and shipped across the world 

      Since I stated back in 2011 I  have wrapped over 90,000 boxes.  

 Up to the end of August 2020 for the third world Children.
The more orders I get the quicker I will be able to active my total.

The small gifts that go into these boxes show the love of Christ to children in need, in a practical way.

         Barbara with 2050 boxes for Leicester.